Il y a peu, Pied la Biche est contacté suite à une interview donnée dans le cadre du projet curatorial Season 18 porté par la session 18 de l’école du magasin à Grenoble pour réaliser la scénographie de l’exposition « The inescapable experience of transition » qui aura lieu au Magasin, résultat d’une année de travaux et de dialogues de la session 18.

Ci dessous le visuel qui donne le ton de l’exposition ainsi qu’un texte qui précise ses enjeux curatoriaux.


Archive – Practice with Ruben Arevshatyan, Samvel Baghdasaryan, Susanna Gyulamiryan, Armine Hovhannisyan, Nazareth Karoyan // Art of Failure // Collectif 1.0.3 // Wafaa Bilal // Heath Bunting // Hiwa K // Kaori Kinoshita & Alain Della Negra // Société Réaliste In Fall 2008, the participants of the 18th Session of l’Ecole du Magasin began working on this collective project by establishing the framework of « Season 18« . For this internationally diverse group, the term suggests that what comprises for them a shared commonality is linked with the experiences of a globalized media. What structures the familiar “everyday” can in part be drawn from between television’s episodic narratives and internet’s web of virtual communications, where engagement with the world is created through the intertwined notions of fiction and information, virtual and real, characters and human counterparts. Starting from this orientation, the participants decided that rather than working as a group with a commissioned curatorial theme, they work with a form of process-oriented research that considers the development from six individuals to working collective, and which evolves up to and includes the realization of the final collective production. The first public section of this project,, joins between the episodic and virtual with an emphasis on the role of dialog. Each week it combines the state of the participants’ individual research with their group discussion, conceived as a way by which to build common ground for the final proposition. As it progressed, this format filtered the different new material into certain paths of enquiry, which ultimately reflected more overlaps than separations. These overlaps revealed the shared concepts of mapping, modeling and simulation, which in turn established the working coordinates for the exhibition “The Inescapable Experience of Transition” Maps, models and simulations attempt to render representations of behaviors, characteristics and relationships on different levels. These symbolic depictions limit territories, build systems and imitate realities. Alternatively, the creation of different segments sustains the significance of change between them. The passage from one state to another is in reality not ideally precise but generating troublesome remainders. “The Inescapable Experience of Transition” contains expressions of these as the spatial relations that comprise our world. This finale of “Season 18” coalescing from out of a collective method results in contributions including a commissioned architectural (Pied la Biche) / design (Denis Carrier) interventions and works or projects of both an individual and collaborative nature in a range of methodologies, where engagement with the contemporary is reflected through mapping, modelling, and simulations. The project reflects on the convergence of borders and boundaries, past and present, real and virtual, and the realities of transition as a shared framework. Season 18 is Elodie Dufour (France), Marianna Hovhannisyan (Armenia), Yun In Kim (Korea), Marlène Perronet (France), Diane Pigeau (France), Tolga Taluy (Turkey).